JEUDI 10/10/2019

 Warm up




60’’ row tranquille

60’’ Plank


60’’ row moyen

60’’ Arc Hollow


60’’ row rapide

60’’ Spiderman and stretch (30’’R/ 30’’L)




12’ pour trouver son max.


Trouver votre max sur le complex suivant:


1 Squat clean

1 Thruster

1 Cluster




3 rounds for time of:

2 minutes of support on the rings in as few sets as possible (AFSAP).

After each round, perform 2 bodyweight thrusters and 5 GHD sit-ups for each ring support set — e.g., if it takes 4 sets on the rings, complete 8 body-weight thrusters and 20 GHD sit-ups before starting the next round.


3 Rounds


10 Floor press KB/DB

10 Ring Row

30m walking KB over the haed (30m R/ 30m L)

Rest 1’30