Khalipa 2

Mercredi 05/02/2020



10 PVC Pass Through Lunge
10 Scap Pull-Ups
10 Alt. Squat Thoracic Rotation


5 PVC Push Jerk (:01 Pause in “Catch”
10 Kip Swings

–5 Big Kip Swings
Focus: on using the lats to pull down on the bar with straight arms
–3 Knees to Chest
Focus: in the back end of the kip athletes will bring their knees to their chest
–3 Knees to Chest with lean back
Focus: bigger kip and lean back bring the knees higher up to pull-up bar
–3 Knees to Chest with kick up or TTB
Focus: if the athlete can perform the TTB have them perform 3 reps. If the athlete is still working on the TTB they will do
the big lean back knees to chest and kick their toes up towards the bar.
By now the shoulders should be plenty warmed up so go into your teaching of the of the hang power snatch.


5 Snatch RDL
-Athlete will start at the hips with the knees bent and shoulders pulled back
-Athlete will hinge at the hip, push the hips and knees back as the shoulders go forward over the bar as the bar travels
down the leg to above knee
-Athletes will reverse this motion by pushing the knees and hips forward as the chest comes back up to a vertical position
while the shoulders pull back to keep the bar close

5 hang high pull
-Athlete starts in vertical position with the knees bent
-they will extend up on to the toes and shrug up
-the elbows travel high and up guiding the bar in a vertical path. Cue here “try to pull your shirt up”
5 high hang muscle snatch
-same start as the high pull
-athletes once again moves in similar fashion to the high pull but after the shrug and high elbows athletes will perform a
fast turn over where the elbows quickly move under the bar to press up and overhead
5 high hang power snatch
-same start as the muscle snatch
-this is where the athlete changes direction and travels under the bar
-the athlete will jump as they extend up and when the bar makes contact with the hip they will shrug and jump their feet to
a quarter squat as they move under the bar
5 hang power snatch
-same as the high hang power snatch but the lift begins at above the knee
-athletes still need to extend up where the bar makes contact with the hips.



MIN 1 – 3 Hang Power Snatch (Building)
MIN 2 – 9, 12, or 15 Toes to Bar
MIN 3 – 9, 12, or 15 Hand Release Push-Ups
*Athletes can choose which rep scheme they
follow in the bodyweight movements. Power
Snatch starts light then can build every round or
every other round.
(Score is Load)



12 Barbell Bent Over Rows (Moderate)
1:00 Hollow Flutter Kicks