VENDREDI 03/05/2019


200m run, 10 zercher squat

200m run, 10 front squat

200m run, 10 back squat


Skill 15’

Back squat 3 reps avec 2 sec de pause en bas


Metcon 9’

On a 9-minute clock, 3 rounds for max reps of:

1-minute handstand hold
2 minutes of wall-ball shots

In round 1, subtract 5 reps each time you fall from the handstand. In round 2, subtract 10 reps. In round 3, subtract 15 reps. Feet must be off the floor by 0:00, 3:00 and 6:00 or start over. If a fall keeps your feet on the ground for more than 5 seconds, start over.


After 10’

Core training